Hector and Haddock: Christmas Shopping and a Big Thank You

Hector and Haddock Snow Fox

There is a little thank you for you all, at the end of this post: I hope it comes in handy!

As I write this, our little village is rather damp, to say the least: the rain hasn’t stopped for several days, and I’ve just returned from a daring trip out to the bank, of all places, and managed to make it home in one piece. The dog is looking longingly at the door, and I am afraid he will just have to continue gazing longingly, as I will wait for the torrential downpour to abate before I step out again. The cat, in all his black fluffy glory, has joined me in the studio and is not looking too happy- his mice hunting activities have been curtailed; one of the things which perhaps displeases him most in the world. Winter is well and truly here, I think, but we certainly can’t complain- Autumn was a blaze of glory, and we can only don our wellies with a smile and lift our brollies in bravery, while we go about our daily chores.

Hector and Haddock The Plain Kitchen Poppycock

Christmas too, is only several weeks away. I am off to Pullens Yards on the 2nd December, donning my “other” hat- my Hector and Haddock one that is. I’ve been attending the Pullens Yards Christmas Fair for a while now- this will be my fourth year there, and it is one of my favourite places to be in December. The Yards are a trio: Iliffe, Clements and Peacock, and I am lucky enough to have a space in a studio in Iliffe Yard, selling my wares. If you are able to visit- it would be lovely to see you!

Teatowel Jam The Plain Kitchen

I digress. What I did want to say to all of you wonderful Plain Kitchen readers and subscribers is this: thank you. Thanks for subscribing to my newsletters and posts, and thank you for your support and comments. As a very small gesture of gratitude, there is a special Plain Kitchen discount code for all of you on www.hectorandhaddock.com: all you have to do is enter PLAINKITCHEN2016 at checkout and you will receive 30% off your shop, and, if you live in the UK, there is the added bonus of free postage too.

Fox print linocut the plain kitchen

There are a variety of things on the site: from framed handprinted linocuts, to organic cotton tea towels, framed ephemera, framed phrase and motif pictures, screen prints and greeting cards. I hope you find a few things there that take your fancy!

Happy shopping- and thank you all.

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