Kitchenalia and Ephemera


Of course, cooking, and being in the kitchen is not just about ingredients, or food, or the way you cook: it’s about what surrounds a cook. We are all fascinated by the minutia of people’s lives, their implements, their aprons, the way someone may hold a spatula: it seems to be endlessly fascinating for us all. And I get it. I do understand that fascination. And these days, more than ever, we are able to really see what goes on in the lives of those we follow on social media. We are able to see their bed linen (mostly Ikea white & blue stripe, it has to be said), we are able to see where they have coffee, eat lunch, and where they take their children to play. We are able to see the special jug on the shelf, the weird framed picture on the wall, and the mismatched cutlery which seems so important.


I have decided to write a few little posts on some of my favourite items in my home; things I collect, junk shop finds I want to share with you- books, ceramics, paper, furniture- you name it, there are a lot of funny old pieces in my house that so many people have asked about. So, the next few blog posts will deal with these lovely items. Perhaps they will interest you, perhaps one or two will take your fancy, perhaps I may alert you to an auction worth visiting: I hope the musings will make you smile.

The first few items I shall be writing about are right here. Peruse if you fancy it; and I shall be telling you all about them very soon indeed.


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