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I have been a long time fan of Monica Beatrice Welburn and her work. Monica is a pioneering lifestyle and fashion blogger, who began The Elgin Avenue years & years ago (before the term “fashion blogger” was the huge influence it is today), and has grown her brand and blog with great integrity and style. I subscribe to her newsletters which I love- particularly her Croissant Reading ones, and hers are one of the few newsletters that I actually open and read. We so often can subscribe to things unthinkingly, and then suffer the clutter of inboxes- well, subscribing to The Elgin Avenue has never brought with it such desktop clutter. Monica’s advice, style and sense of aesthetic is always spot-on, and she carefully curates and chooses the brands she works with, which in turn provides her readers with honest and trusted opinions. That’s rather a difficult and rare thing to find these days- as I’m sure you’re all aware.

You can imagine my utter surprise and delight then, when Monica chose The Plain Kitchen as one of the newsletters worth subscribing to. There are 10 other blogs that Monica has chosen, and The Plain Kitchen is certainly in very good company- I really do feel completely overwhelmed at being included in Monica’s roundup: the link is here if you fancy a read:

11 Newsletter Subscriptions I Value (And Actually Open)

Huge thanks to Monica for the inclusion- I hope I can keep up the level expected of me!


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