Anchovies & Cucumber

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This is the most wonderful little starter, or would work perfectly if you’re serving small plates of things. I have made it before with sour cream, as you sort of feel it should go well with it, what with the dill and cucumber, but in fact, this way is better: cleaner, sharper and fresh as anything. Make sure the anchovies are the ones marinaded in oil and lemon- not the jarred variety. They are usually found in the fish aisle, with the smoked salmon and mackerel. This needs to be prepared minutes before eating; it doe not do well to sit around.

I used the mini cucumbers one can buy little punnets of, and I use a potato peeler to shave ribbons from the cucumber. Also, this is one of those recipes that relies on very very good olive oil: please ensure you use a grassy, fruity oil as it completely makes the dish.

Serves 4


2 rashers smoked streaky bacon

8 mini cucumbers, shaved into ribbons

8 anchovies, each split into two thinner pieces

Pinch Maldon sea salt

Good grinding black pepper

Juice of ¼ lemon

Good handful fresh dill, chopped

About 2 tbsp very good cold pressed extra virgin olive oil


Chop the bacon finely and fry in hot oil until very crispy. Remove, and drain.

Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a bowl, and divide between plates. Top with a few pieces of crisped bacon. That’s it.


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