Almond Chicken Curry

The Plain Kitchen Curry

I was after something slightly creamy yet fresh with this- of course, I know there are lots of variations of curries using almond paste, particularly with chicken. I made my own version completely here- and I apologise in advance if you have the real-deal recipe that you use, and if mine bears no resemblance to yours! It is, however, so delicious and it is super quick too. I used about 1/2 a cup of confetti coriander (finer, younger coriander- the flavour is milder, I find). However, just substitute with normal coriander- and of course, should you prefer a stronger flavour, just add more- and if you don’t fancy the strong dhania flavour, add less.

Serves 2, generously


2 chicken breasts, skinned and deboned and cut into small pieces

1 white onion, peeled and chopped

3 cloves garlic, peeled and microplaned

Piece of ginger, about 2cm in length, peeled and microplaned

2 tbsp groundnut oil

Good knob butter

1 green chilli, deseeded and finely chopped

Pinch white pepper

1 heaped tbsp. curry powder (you can use your own spice mix if you fancy it: I was in a hurry, so used curry powder)

1 courgette, topped and tailed and grated

1 romero red pepper, sliced nto rings

100g ground almonds

½ cup fresh coriander

250ml full fat greek yoghurt

1 tsp Maldon salt

good grinding black pepper


Using a hand held blender or similar appliance, whizz up the almonds and coriander leaves with about 2-3 tbs water until you have a smooth, fragrant pale green paste. You may need a dash or two more water- a slightly runny paste is what you are after, not too watery. Set this aside.

Heat the oil and butter in a non stick frying pan, or casserole dish until just frothing. Add the ginger, garlic and onion and saute for 8 minutes. Add the curry powder and chopped chicken, and brown the chicken well- this should take 4-5 minutes or so. Add the chilli and seasoning, along with the courgettes and red peppers, and continue to stir over a medium to high heat until the chicken is completely cooked through. Finally stir through the whizzed up almonds and coriander and the yoghurt. Taste for seasoning: you will be surprised at how much salt this dish needs.

Add extra chilli at the end as a garnish, if you like a hotter curry, and of course, toasted almond flakes would work wonderfully if you have them to hand.


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