Easy Artichokes

The Plain Kitchen easy Artichokes

I’ve been making these for years and years: we love them, and they are such good snacks to have with drinks or at a party. My aunt Siobhan made them for me once, and talked me through the recipe she uses: I can’t remember her exact recipe, but this is how I’ve been making them ever since! I do love using tinned ingredients, and as mentioned before, I think we need to lose our stigma attached to using them: I know we use tinned tomatoes and beans and the like frequently, but there is a great deal more out there: buy them and experiment.  I can promise you that these artichokes are far superior to most of the jarred variety you buy: you know the ones: overpriced jars of artichokes immersed in far too much oil, heavy with herbs that have become bitter, they are a complete disappointment, and leave a nasty residue too, I feel.

Please use a good olive oil for these. They will keep in the fridge for about 4 days, and I use mine for a variety of purposes: on pizzas, as snacks, or in salads. Delicious.


1 tin (390g one) artichokes, drained

½ cup fresh parsley, finely chopped

Zest and juice of 1 large lemon

3 tbsp good olive oil

1 tsp Maldon salt

Good grinding black pepper

½ a small clove garlic, microplaned


Once the artichokes are drained, pop them in a sieve or colander carefully. Run cold water through them, very carefully, holding each little artichoke under the water, so that the fresh water runs through its little gills. What you are doing is removing any trace of that “tinned water” flavour that may remain. Once each artichoke has been rinsed, dry them on large amounts of paper towel. Try to soak most of the excess water out of them. Mix the artichokes with the rest of the ingredients, cover with clingfilm and pop in the regrigerator until ready to eat. They must come up to room temperature before serving: nobody likes an ice cold artichoke.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Artichokes

  1. Oh I am going to be making these for ‘Super Bowl’ Sunday this weekend!
    All about the food as opposed to football.
    Thank you Justy Wall!! XXX

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