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The plain kitchen gluten free pancakes

We have a sort of weekend ritual in our house: every Saturday morning, Andy will make pancakes: he began doing this when Barnaby was about 3 years old, and it’s a lovely little pattern to stick to: if we don’t have to rush off anywhere, it helps us ease into the morning gently, and at least gives me a bit of a break from the constant cooking that goes on week after week. Andy provided me with the recipe for today’s pancakes: and admitted he adapts it from Delia’s: well, who wouldn’t? I cannot make them the way he does: I think it is his innate patience and timing: I often rush them, and never quite get the precise pancakes he manages to achieve.

So, here they are, and just in time for the weekend too. We keep a jar of ready mixed caster sugar and cinnamon in the cupboard: each pancake sprinkled with the mix, and served with fresh lemon juice, is the best way to start the weekend.

Makes about 10


110g plain gluten free flour (we use Plain, not self raising)

pinch of table salt

2 eggs

200ml full fat milk mixed with 75 ml water

50g butter


Place the flour in a large bowl, and add the eggs. Don’t whisk just yet.

Melt the 50g butter in a non-stick frying pan, until the butter is just melted, not frothing. Add this melted butter to the egg and flour mix, and whisk well, until there are no lumps in the mixture: this should take about a minute.

Add the milk and water mix, and whisk again for a minute or so.

Heat the same pan that you melted the butter in, and ladle in just enough mixture to cover the pan base.

Each side should take about 40 seconds to cook: check, by lifting a side of the pancake to see if it is properly browned, and then flip once done for 40 seconds on the other side.

Keep whisking the mixture left in the bowl in between frying the pancakes- this will stop the flour from settling, and will ensure your pancakes cook evenly.

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