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The Plain Kitchen Photo: Edd Westmacott

The Plain Kitchen celebrates our food histories, memories and nostalgia. It began as a 365 day challenge of posting a recipe a day, each recipe developed & created in my kitchen on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

Not only have 365 recipes been published on the site in one year, but I am now delving into my collection of cookbooks and pamphlets, recipe leaflets and ancient tomes, and am cooking recipes from these; updating them for use in a modern kitchen, and bringing to life forgotten favourites of years gone by.

I grew up on a farm in South Africa, and most of my time was spent with my mother, sewing, cooking, baking, creating and making. The Plain Kitchen is a homage to my mother, and represents the continuity of inheritance. There’s a little bit more about my reasons for writing the blog in the About section if you fancy a read.

My recipes are unashamedly and nostalgically steeped in my personal heritage and history, drawing particularly on those invaluable years in my mother’s kitchen, yet I’ve hopefully created dishes that are accessible for a modern lifestyle. Each recipe may be preceded by a cooking anecdote: please excuse my wistful nostalgia, but so many of my memories are rooted in cooking, family and celebrations, both in South Africa, and here in England, that it seems thoughtless not to include them where they belong.

I am also lucky enough to have super products sent to me to try out in my kitchen. I will always give these a go, and develop a recipe, or several recipes around the produce, and write a post on whatever it is I’ve tried out. If you’re interested in sending me any of your products, please get in touch at the address below.

For all commissions, recipes, product reviewing and enquiries, please email me on info@hectorandhaddock.co.uk, or simply leave a comment on one of the recipes and I will get back to you in at least 24 hours.

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  1. That looks fantastic darling. I must experiment with Dove as I always use Glutifin for cakes. Can’t wait to try xx

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